True Blood Relationships: Were Pam and Eric in Love in 1905?
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True Blood

True Blood Relationships: Were Pam and Eric in Love in 1905?

We're just starting to scratch the surface of Pam's sordid human past and we're already intrigued.

Until now, little was known about her life prior to becoming a vampire in 1905. But it's not her job as a brothel madam that fascinates us so — it's how she breathed her last few human breaths.

Curled up in bed with vampire Eric Northman, she begged for immortality, refusing to die a victim of her cruel circumstance. When the honorable vamp said no, the intelligent whore slit her wrists, forcing him to turn her.

Pam and Eric spent the next few years together — in the words of Pam herself — "killing, f***ing, and laughing." If that's not vampire love, we don't know what is.

Now, over 100 years later, the pair are estranged. Thanks to Eric's insatiable thirst for fairy blood, Pam is left alone in her coffin, crying tears of blood as she dreams of the old, carefree days when maker and progeny roamed the world together. It's no wonder she hates Sookie Stackhouse!

Before this glimpse into Pam's past, we always thought of Eric and Pam as having a more father/daughter dynamic. But now, we're starting to question just how deep their love runs.

Were Pam and Eric in full-fledged L.O.V.E. at one point?

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