True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky Reveals Why Sookie and Ben Pairing Will Please Fans
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True Blood

True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky Reveals Why Sookie and Ben Pairing Will Please Fans

Just as Twi-hards stand firmly on Team Jacob or Team Edward, True Blood fans definitely have strong opinions about which of Sookie's many suitors is the one for her. Rob Kazinsky, who plays newcomer Ben Flynn, is here to tell you that he’s the one. While he knows this might not sit well with some Truebies, he explains his thinking in a recent interview with TV Guide.

“Ben is the first character that she has ever been romantically involved with that wants, genuinely, the best for her," the handsome Brit revealed. "He is the first real chance that she has for a fulfilled, happy life with somebody like her. She doesn't have to die. She can have children with him. He's as normal as she is. To her, he's normal. For the fact that she might have a chance at true happiness with somebody, that's why they should root for him."

The former EastEnders actor, who also stars in the summer sci-fi flick Pacific Rim, knows this might upset those in the Alcide/Eric/Bill camps, but he’s up to the challenge. “I want to upset those camps,” he jokes.

Rob is also a fan of the way the show introduced Sookie and Ben’s initial interaction as well, saying, “It's played really intelligently. Sookie is as aware as the audience is of her past. She's like, ‘Oh God, another one?’ It's played very tongue-in-cheek. The audience is going to feel like she knows exactly what's happening. She's certainly cautious.”

While Sookie has had suitors who've loved her in the past, Rob Kazinsky insists Ben is her true soulmate. They’re kindred spirits who have been the target of vampire threats their whole lives. And, for the first time, Sookie is able to see someone besides her that is in real need of help. Rob says this brings out a side of Sookie viewers haven't seen yet. As he puts it, “ It's the first character that Sookie has met that is traveling in her wake, rather than her traveling in their wake. She's not a victim this time.”

As for when we’ll really get to know more about Ben, Rob says Episode 4 will answer many questions, and viewers will learn more about his troubled past as the season progresses.

"Like Sookie, he's a very guarded person," said rob. "Everyone he's let in has hurt him. He's had a history of betrayal and misuse like Sookie, and that's going to come out.”

What do you think about Ben’s character so far?

Source: TV Guide