True Blood Spoiler: 8 New Characters Added to Season 5
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True Blood

True Blood Spoiler: 8 New Characters Added to Season 5

The True Blood powers that be are in the thick of preparations for season 5, and first up on the list is casting (well, that and “stock up on sex toys for Eric’s basement”).

Check out descriptions for eight new characters, some of whom we’ll meet in episode 3, “Whatever I am, You Made Me.”

1. Lindsey: A pretty hillbilly in her 20s who is fixing a flat tire on the side of the road when a vampire greets her. Hmmm, why do we have the feeling this doesn’t end well?

2. Molly: A perky 20-something with a pin-up vibe, described as “cute as a button if buttons had fangs.” Molly works for the Authority and her job is to outfit a couple prisoners with “deadly devices.”

3. Miss Jill Steeler: An ex-teacher and recent divorcee in her 40s who is back in town. Her role requires topless nudity (surprise, surprise), and “she used to be beautiful, now she looks like an attractive, pleasantly plump housewife.”

4. Barbara Pelt: Barbara is Debbie’s mother, who’s frantically searching for her missing child. She confronts Alcide, but don’t expect any violence — Babs is a “kindly, well-dressed woman.” So, Debbie’s love for mullets wasn’t genetic?

5. Gordon Pelt: Gordon is Debbie’s sweet and kind father, who gets upset when Alcide says something rude about his daughter.

6. Dorothy: A naked prostitute in a flashback to 1905. Poor gal is glamoured and drained by two vamps when another vampire saves her life.

7. Tracy: A made-up and over-tanned store owner who says rude things about Jason to Jessica. Uh oh, you crossed the wrong Baby Vamp, Tracy.

8. Claude: A super sexy shirtless 20-something who flirts with Jessica. British accent required!

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