True Blood Spoilers: 4 Juicy Tidbits From Season 5
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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: 4 Juicy Tidbits From Season 5

It’s mid-January, and at this point we’re desperate to see Eric rip someone’s heart out and eat it.

Sadly, we have to wait almost six months for that pleasure, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to these tasty spoilers, courtesy of the True Blood cast!

Sigh, someone pass us a vile of fake blood — we need our comfort food.

1. Jason Controls The Police!

"This season he's finally becoming a man, I think,” Ryan Kwanten says. “He's got responsibility in his life. He's in a position of authority too because Andy is not doing too well with being a sheriff."

It’s bad enough that Jason’s allowed to carry a gun, but we have serious concerns about who he’ll accidentally kill if he’s in charge of Bon Temps!

2. Will Sam and Luna Keep Dating?

We’ve been nervous about Sam and Luna’s relationship ever since Sam helped Alcide kill Marcus last season. Is a break-up in their future?

"I will always have hope for Sam. They are meant to be," Janina Gavankar says. "Nobody understands you like another shifter."

3. Scott Foley Means Trouble!

Scott Foley's new character, Patrick Devins, definitely has ulterior motives for visiting Terry and Arlene in Bon Temps. What’s his end game?

"He's definitely there to muddy the waters a little bit,” Carrie Preston reveals. “It wouldn't be True Blood if you didn't have conflict, so I think it makes for a very interesting dynamic with Terry and Arlene this season.”

4. Alcide Is A Changed Man!

"We've seen that he's a sweet guy; we've seen that he's the kind of guy that would be great in a relationship," Joe Manganiello explains.

"I think that you're going to be introduced to a side of him that's going to slam you up against the wall and go for it." NSFW alert!

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