True Blood’s Terry Bellefluer: His Most Memorable Moments
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True Blood

True Blood’s Terry Bellefluer: His Most Memorable Moments

Well, that’s that. Since Season 6 of True Blood started, we’ve been speculating which main cast member would die, and we found out in Episode 6 (“Don’t You Feel Me”) that Terry Bellefleur was the one who slated to get the axe. In a very emotional scene, we saw Terry get shot by his own hired assassin, and die in Arlene’s arms!

We know we said we wouldn’t miss him, but we’d also be lying if we told you we didn’t sob our way through his sad goodbye. Join us as we go over the kind-hearted cook’s best moments on True Blood.

Bonding with Bill

In Season 1, Terry was one of the few humans to fully accept Bill Compton, ignoring the danger he posed as vampire. The shell-shocked former soldier identified with Bill’s Civil War experience and even embraced him in an emotional hug, telling Bill that no one else in Bon Temps would ever understand what they’ve been through.

Comforting Lafayette

After Lafayette was released from the basement torture chamber of Fangtasia in Season 2, he suffered from PTSD due to the extreme conditions vampire Eric Northman had put him through. Terry showed his gentle side to Truebies again by offering Lafayette comfort, and helping him work through his trauma. 

Becoming a Daddy

Who can forget Terry’s sweet wooing of Arlene? Sure, it was after they nakedly hooked up (a couple of times) under the influence of a Maenad orgy, but it was still pretty cute. And in Season 3, Terry assured the worried mama-to-be that he would raise her baby as his own whether it was his, or Renee’s. Awwwww! 

Helping Cousin Andy

Putting aside his own worries in Season 4 (you know, the whole “my baby might be a demon and tried to burn down our house” thing), Terry took it upon himself to break his cousin Andy Bellefleur's addiction to V by carting him off to their childhood clubhouse and helping him sweat it out. That’s what we call true loyalty.

Sacrificing His Sanity

And perhaps the greatest thing Terry ever did was sacrifice his last shred of sanity by shooting and killing marine buddy Patrick Devins in Season 5. Consumed by guilt, Terry wasn’t sure what to do about the Ifrit problem until Patrick held Arlene at gunpoint and forced his hand: kill or be killed. Although that decision ultimately resulted in Terry’s death, we think it was pretty damn heroic.

What do you think about Terry’s death? Share your favorite True Blood moments with Terry Bellefleur in the comments!

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