True Blood

Alcide Herveaux

Played by: Joe Manganiello
Occupation: Construction Contractor
Species: Werewolf

Who is Alcide Herveaux?

Alcide Herveaux is a werewolf who agreed to repay a family debt owed to Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), helped Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Pacquin) search for Bill Compton. The pair discovered that Russell Edgington kidnapped Bill, and was giving the local werewolf pack vampire blood in exchange for their loyalty. Alcide also became attracted to Sookie, though he still had feelings for his V-addicted ex-girlfriend, werewolf Debbie Pelt.

Alcide chooses to be a lone wolf, which initially got him into trouble with pack leader Marcus Bozeman. However, once Alcide rekindled his romance with a sober Debbie, she expressed her desire to have a pack family and he eventually acquiesced and agreed to follow Marcus.

It seems like the handsome werewolf is always playing the role of rescuer. In addition to saving Sookie more than once, he plucked Sam Merlotte’s wayward brother Tommy out of Marcus’ clutches. Unfortunately his intervention led Marcus to try and seduce Debbie away from him, and in the fight to get Luna Garza’s daughter back, Alcide killed Marcus and then sent his fickle lady packing.

Alcide’s desire for Sookie was briefly satisfied by a makeout session which ended with her puking on his shoes. The flames of desire seem to have been extinguished completely since Sookie admitted she shot and killed Debbie (in self-defense, but yikes!). He’s since moved on to a relationship with sexy werewolf Rikki Naylor, who helped him train to defeat corrupt pack leader J.D. Carson.  

Now that Alcide has killed J.D. and is ruling the pack, it looks like Sookie might be out of his life for good.

What’s in store for Alcide Herveaux in True Blood Season 6? Join us all season long right here at Wetpaint for all the latest True Blood spoilers, news, gossip and more!

- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon

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