True Blood

Andy Bellefleur

Played by: Chris Bauer
Occupation: Renard Parish Sheriff
Species: Human

Who is Andy Bellefleur?

Bumbling police detective Andy Bellefleur is a recovering alcoholic and “V” addict who was assigned to investigate a series of murders in Bon Temps. Andy believed that Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) was the prime suspect, but Rene Lenier was eventually exposed as the killer.

Andy was suspended from duty after the body of Miss Jeanette showed up in his parked car, making him a suspect. He was later reinstated as Sheriff of Renard Parish after the resignation of Sheriff Bud Dearborne.

A drunken Andy stumbled onto one of Maryann Forrester’s orgies and tried to warn the town about her deceptions, but no one believed him except Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell). After teaming up with Jason in order to expose the maenad and falling under her spell instead the two formed a bond, and Andy covered up the fact that Jason shot and killed “Eggs” Benedict Talley.

Andy’s cousin Terry (Todd Lowe) helped him break his addiction to V, paving the way for the sober Sheriff to start courting Merlotte’s waitress Holly Clearly. Andy teamed up with Jason again to uncover a vigilante operation targeting and killing “supes” in Bon Temps, discovering that Bud Dearborne was the leader.

While investigating a supernatural burlesque club, a fairy named Maurella seduced Andy in order to procreate and ended up leaving him with half-human/half-fairy quadruplets, which might strain his budding relationship with Holly just a little bit.

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- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon


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