Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson Photo: Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte

If you’ve seen the promos for True Blood season six you know that the you-know-what is about to hit the fan. In a recent interview with, Janina Gavankar, who plays Sam Merlotte’s love interest, Luna, confirms that all hell does, indeed, break loose...or, rather, “shift” loose.

If you recall (which it’s hard to do with those seemingly never-ending HBO hiatuses, dammit!), Luna shifted on national TV on the season five finale, so now humans know that vampires aren’t the only supernatural beings walking the earth.

“She just outed everyone in the shifter community, so now the world knows there’s more than one supernatural creature on this earth,” Janina explained in the interview. “Holy. F**k. Imagine being a human watching that. As it is, you have to deal with the idea of there being vampires. This is potentially bad for every shifter on the planet.”

Janina got all of us Truebies pretty pumped by talking about the superior acting skills of Sam Trammell (the actor who plays Sam Merlotte):

“I wasn’t even in the shot with him – I was off to the side, like 100 feet away – and the stuff I could hear him doing was making me lose my mind,” she raved. “I was in a warm up tent 100 feet away, and I was crying. True Blood is A-game all day long. I have nothing but major love for him. I got so lucky that I got paired up with him. He’s tremendous.”

Is it just us or did that one remark make you want to see the show NOW!? What/who are you most excited to see on True Blood Season 6?