Finally, nine months after Anna Paquin gave birth to twins — her first children — we're hearing the baby names straight from the source. Her main squeeze and True Blood costar, Stephen Moyer, gave up the names during an interview with E! News at the Season 6 premiere screening in Hollywood yesterday, June 11.

He told the outlet that because his other daughter — Lilac, 10, who comes from another of his relationship — is headed off to camp this weekend, he'd be spending Father's Day with the twins... or, to quote him directly, "hanging out with Charlie and Poppy."

Charlie and Poppy! We love those names. And, given that celebs often give their offspring wackadoodle names, these are refreshingly normal ones! Plus, Poppy joins Lilac in the flowery-name club.

Meanwhile, Anna told E! that she does have plans up her sleeve for honoring her new baby daddy on Sunday but declined to reveal anything else for fear of ruining the surprise!

We're not sure whether Stephen planned on spilling the names... or if Anna was aware of the reveal when she gushed about celebrating her guy! Given the couples' famed insistence on privacy — and who could fault them for that? — we hope that this little slip doesn't put Stephen in Anna's doghouse!

Source: E! News

Credit: HBO/YouTube Photo: True Blood Season 6: Extended Clip Trailer Promo - The Bloodbath Begins!