Credit: Toby Canham/Stringer Photo: Courtney Ford

Remember during season four of True Blood that fairly nauseous feeling you got when you found out Bill Compton slept with his great-great-great-great granddaughter? Yeah, well, she’s back! Courtney Ford is returning on season six to reprise the role of Portia Bellefleur. You might remember that, after that whole embarrassing incestual incident, Bill glamoured Portia. Sickeningly enough, she still wanted to continue the affair but, after being glamoured, she went screaming and running every time she saw him. So what brings her back to Bon Temps?

"After watching the Season 5 finale, which was pretty intense and crazy, things are getting a little heated in Bon Temps and it stands to reason that someone is going to need a lawyer," Courtney revealed to

A great portmanteau was created at the end of last season – after Bill drank the blood of Lilith, he was deemed “Bilith,” and Courtney talked to about the implications of that.

"How much of Bill is in there?" Courtney ponders. "Is Bill still Bill? That's the big question mark. I think if she's afraid of Bill, she'd probably be double afraid of Billith. Billith is pretty scary."

We couldn’t agree more and, after seeing him barge into Sookie’s house in the last preview, declaring he goes by his own set of rules now, we’d have to agree – Bilith is downright terrifying.

Courtney, who was known for her roles on Parenthood, The Vampire Diaries, and Dexter is slated to return for Episode 7, which is the one many are highly anticipating, as it’s entitled “The Funeral”. Gulp.

Were you a fan of Portia during season four?


Credit: HBO/YouTube Photo: True Blood Season 6: Extended Clip Trailer Promo - The Bloodbath Begins!