Credit: HBO Photo: Bill Becoming Billith in the True Blood's Season 5 Finale: "Save Yourself"

Apparently Alexander Skarsgard isn’t the only True Blood star who enjoys all things naked. Stephen Moyer apparently gets quite a kick out of all the stripping off of clothes on the show too!

In the Season 5 finale last year, Bill Compton, melts into a puddle of goo and then reemerges buck naked and covered in blood as the dangerous demi-god Billith. Stephen told People it was “a lot of fun” to go from hours of makeup and being a goopy mess to “directing my fellow actors naked.”

Stephen Moyer will be behind the camera as the director for the True Blood Season 6 premiere and he said he is quite understanding of the pressures of being nude on film. After all, Bill Compton has spent quite a bit of time unclothed on screen over the years! And, of course, he’ll be wandering around a lot of the True Blood season premiere with little more than a lot of fake blood as a costume.

“Given that I’m naked for a great chunk of it,” Stephen told People. “I think I’m quite sensitive... I’m a sensitive lover.”

We’re sure you are Stephen, but that might just be a tad more TMI than we needed?