Credit: Getty Images Photo: Alan Ball: Wichita

What did Alan Ball, the original showrunner of True Blood have to say about the Season 6 premiere? It has to be bittersweet to watch someone else raise your vampire baby. Alan Ball stepped down as True Blood showrunner after Season 5, with Brian Buckner now calling the shots on Season 6. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t still invested in his creation.

Alan is still around as an executive producer and advisor, should they need his help, and he’s seen early cuts of the first few episodes. But mostly he’s just watching as a fan, like the rest of us. So what did he think of Sunday’s True Blood Season 6 premiere? "I loved it," Alan told TV Guide. "I thought it was the perfect mix of scares, action and humor. It really makes me want to see what happens next."

Alan said he left the show because he “was pretty burned out,” so he just sat back and lived his life while the Truebie team worked on this new season. “It was hard at first, but now I like it. I may never work again."

Hey, if you’ve got the money, there are worse fates than just sitting around watching True Blood!

Source: TV Guide