Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO © 2012 Home Box Office Photo: Dismissive Pamela Swynford De Beaufort

We watch them argue like cats and dogs, but everyone knows that behind True Blood’s Pam and Tara’s (ice) cold exteriors is...more cold! What’d you expect? They’re vampires! We kid, we kid. In all seriousness, though, it's easy to see that, despite their harsh words, Pam and Tara are definitely sweet on each other.

When a TVLine reader asked writer Michael Ausiello about the love/hate relationship, he agreed with us! “Even though the language they use is often hateful, you know their relationship is really more of a love/love sort.”

In case you’re still doubting this, TVLine reports Tara does something on the next episode that seals the deal. “And in this week’s episode, Tara makes a biiig sacrifice that proves it yet again.”

We’re definitely confused about this – if you go by his spoiler/hint, it almost sounds as though Tara offers herself up to save Pam. But we thought we may have deducted the other day that Pam was going to be the one dies this season on True Blood. Only time will tell, and we know we’ll be tuning in to HBO on Sunday to find out what happens.

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