Credit: By Aaron Garcia

Ladies, prepare your bodies, because it looks like Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is taking a break from rubbing oil all over his rippling washboard abs to hit up the big screen! We’re basically collapsing into a puddle of swoons.

This hunk (aka Ghost Daddy) has been making females faint ever since he debuted his fine physique on HBO's True Blood, and he's taking things to the next level in a brand new movie, which just so happens to be a giant, cryptic mystery.

"Adding final touches to that secret film..." Ryan tweeted to his hoard of fan-girls on July 10, along with a photo of himself cheesin' at the camera while wearing a lumberjack shirt.

Um, yes please forever, Ryan. No news yet as to what this stud's secret film could be, but we have a feeling he isn't referring to his slew of upcoming projects Knights of Badassdom7500, The Right Kind of Wrong, Reach Me, or Hands of Stone. Mostly because they're already listed on IMDB, which makes them the opposite of secret. He did tease us with a photo of him with a pencil behind his ear, looking serious, on June 19, but that didn't tell us much, either.

However, our Sleuthing Powers tell us that Ryan's film is in post-production due to the fact that he's clearly doing voiceover work! And looking amazing while doing so. Check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for more details on Ryan's mysterious film project, and in the meantime, feel free to knock back a few celebratory shots of O-neg in his honor. This Aussie is going places!