Anna Paquin gave birth to twins, Poppy, and Charlie, less than a year ago, but you wouldn’t know that after watching last week’s episode of True Blood. The new mom showed off her sexy and incredibly toned body in a makeout-turned-threatening-faerie-blast scene between Sookie Stackhouse and Benlow, making our jaws drop for more than one reason.

Even more shocking than the actual scene and her amazing body was what kind of lingerie she was wearing. The nude-colored Agent Provocateur Darla lace and tulle bra and matching briefs ring up an astounding $330 ($190 for the bra and $140 for the briefs). The high-end brand of luxury undergarments seems a bit steep for Sookie’s sporadic waitressing at Merlotte’s, but maybe it was a gift from Bill or Eric? Awkward alert.

Regardless of where her character got the lingerie, Anna looked incredible in them. We dare to say she looks even better than before getting pregnant, showing off her rock-hard abs, slim legs, and a few curves on her petite frame. Makes up for all the times Sookie was hidden in big, billowing clothes — we’re sure she’ll be back in her booty shorts on-screen as soon as she takes care of this little Warlow problem.

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Credit: HBO/Video Still