YES! Truebies can let out a celebratory cheer, because True Blood has been nominated for a 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series! As Arlene would said, “Oh my stars!”

The nomination is for the excellent art direction in Season 5, Episode 3: “Whatever I am, You Made Me”, in which we learned the origin of Pam and Eric’s close relationship, Tara ran around in a blood-spattered jean jacket and had Sam lock her in Merlotte’s freezer, and Sookie finally told Alcide that she killed his girlfriend. In other words, there is a LOT going on. And they did a damn fine job shooting all of it.

Of course it has some stiff competition, with competing nominations for episodes of Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, and The Borgias, but we know the vamps and wolves of True Blood can take ‘em all.

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