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True Blood is notorious for shocks and thrills, but nothing prepared us for the action-packed, bloody trailer that HBO delivered at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 earlier today (July 20). In a less-than-two-minute teaser for the rest of Season 6, there is everything from hook-ups to funerals to a potential vampire-making that we never saw coming.

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Credit: HBO/Video Still

In the video below, everything starts with a funeral. “Death ain’t the end anymore,” Sookie says in her eulogy, but to whom she’s talking about is a mystery. Given that when vampires meet the True Death they don’t typically get a burial, we’re guessing it’s a human, who could very easily be Jason. But since he’s alive in the other shots, we’re hoping to be proven wrong.

Jason is actually at Vamp Camp, trying to save his once-lover Jessica, who was captured after Sarah Newlin phoned a friend and had her hauled away. We see him with a gun, his neck bloody in one shot, and then later lying down, bloody again. (Cue nervousness.) He’s not in as bad shape as some of the vamps, though. Eric is seen handcuffed in a cage, told by Governor Truman that he wants him to feel an “immeasurable loss,” which hints to Pam’s demise. We also see part of their fight, but not the end of it. However, we get a glimpse at Pam throwing a guard into a window, which is always a treat.

Credit: HBO/Video Still

The other events at Vamp Camp aren’t looking good, either. Bill’s prophecy appears to be coming true, with light streaming and hitting a few vampires — including his progeny, Jessica. The kicker, though? Lillith exclaims, “You dare defy me to Bill,” and then we see him with bullet holes in his chest, bloody, eyes closed on the floor. We don’t know who is dying, but the odds are not in Bill’s favor.

Last, but certainly not least, Sookie may be turning into a vampire. We repeat: Sookie may be turning into a vampire. Throughout the trailer, we see her with Benlow. First, she addresses her feelings and he says he can’t be trusted. Then, she says, “I’d rather walk the Earth as a corpse than spend another minute thinking of you.” From there, we see him bite her neck (while tied to a tree), and later, his neck is covered in blood — and so is Sookie’s mouth! There are a few moments in between with Bill that may connect, including him lifting Ben into the air by his neck, but we’re most focused on the fact that Sook was drinking a vamp, and now she may be one, too.

For the rest of the spoilery details, check out the video below. In addition to all the crazy moments listed above, there are a few hookups (some vampires, some other supes), fights (all werewolves, all the time), and rescues (one involving Tara and Jason — remember when that was a thing?). Watch it as many times as your Truebie heart desires, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

Catch the next episode of True Blood on July 21, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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