WHOA. We thought the “almost sex scene” between Ben Flynn and Jason Stackhouse was hot, but actor Rob Kazinsky has added even more fuel to the scorching hot fires of our imagination by answering a fan question about the best kisser on True Blood with this tweet:

"Boom." Hmm. As in the 1986 dance hit “Boom Boom Boom, Let’s go back to my room?” OK! WE LIKE THIS PLAN.

Rob gave us even more to sigh over at the True Blood ComicCon Panel, saying: “Ryan made me feel like a lady that day. He couldn’t have been more gentle.”

Even though we know the sexy star was just kidding and that Benlow’s heart belongs to Sookie, we can’t help but get a little bit excited about the prospect of another steamy shower scene featuring Ben and Jason!

What about you? Want more sudsy and shirtless Jason and Ben scenes? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: @RobertKazinsky