Credit: By Aaron Garcia

After six seasons of watching Ryan Kwanten and his abs bumble around the tiny super-supe-filled town of Bon Temps on HBO’s True Blood, it’s easy to confuse the hunky, gifted actor with his clueless-but-well-meaning portrayal of Jason “The Law” Stackhouse. (Only Ryan could make you want to snuggle with a guy who has a  six-word vocabulary to match his six-pack abs!)

But Ryan is a talented actor, one not afraid to tasks risks. This was on full-display in a short (17 minute) black and white film called “Truth in Journalism”, shot by Joe Lynch and produced by Adi Shankar. The Aussie actor wowed a notoriously tough crowd comic book fans!

In the short, Kwanten plays Daily Bugle reporter Eddie Brock, who eventually transforms into Marvel’s Spider-Man’s biggest baddie Venom. (Are we the only ones who want to see Ryan play the bad guy?)

Ryan puts in a performance that easily rivals Sam Rami’s epic-disaster Spiderman 3. However, that is admittedly, uh, not that hard to do. Could Marvel and the studios be tempted to revisit Venom? It doesn’t seem to be outside the realm of possibility.

Just look at the latest Spider-Man reboot! What’s hotter than Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield making out? Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield making out while Ryan Kwanten watches, quietly plotting their doom.

Credit: YouTube Photo: True Blood's Ryan Kwanten Stars in Short Film, Truth in Journalism (VIDEO)