True Blood’s Joe Maganiello certainly seems to enjoy having his photo taken! We love that the handsome actor eschews Alcide’s surly “loner” nature out in the real world, posing for phone pics with fans and friends, and then re-tweeting them like crazy. And why wouldn’t he? Joe is extremely photogenic and always looks good.

The sexy star recently headed to Sydney, Australia to present at the ASTRA awards, and in case you don’t check Twitter every five minutes (like we do), we’ve compiled a few of our favorite candid photos from his trip. 

Smirky & Sexy

Credit: Twitter

Joe joined a ghost tour group in Australia called Quarantine Station, and posed in a haunted hospital room for this pic. Check out his cute, bemused expression and stylish get-up!

Smiling Above Sydney

Credit: Twitter

Another day in Australia, another photo-op. The athletic actor climbed to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge and posed for this triumphant and daring photo.

Posing With a Fan

Credit: Twitter

Manganiello also went to a West Tiger rugby game and posed with player Tim Simona, who was thrilled to get a picture with the star. Look at the way he fills out that team jersey! Yum.

ASTRA Awards Red Carpet

Credit: Twitter

This is way better than a formal picture! We appreciate the genuine smile on Joe’s face as he talks to a reporter at the ASTRAs, wearing an aubergine suit and working the red carpet in style.

BFFs With a Seal

Credit: Twitter

This photo of Maganiello at the Taronga Zoo with a seal is perhaps our favorite! Actress Anna Kendricks even re-tweeted the photo with the claim that it’s “the greatest picture, ever” and we kind of agree. Look at that cute pout. Is that Joe’s seal impression? WE LOVE IT.  

Do you have a favorite candid photo of the True Blood star? Share pics of Joe Maganiello with us in the comments!