Credit: Thomas Janssen/ Photo: Alexander Skarsgard at Los Angeles Premiere of Zero Dark Thirty on Dec. 10, 2012

Aww! We were touched to read that after his character’s demise on True Blood, Michael McMillian received a special parting gift from Alexander Skarsgard. Even though Eric Northman didn’t tear off mewlin’ Steve Newlin’s genitals (yikes), he did force the ex-preacher into the sun, causing him to explode into a fiery, gooey ball of blood.

When asked to choose between those two methods of death, Michael told Entertainment Weekly he’d, “... like to die with genitals intact, I think. And it’s a fitting end for Steve too. Meeting the sun was, of course, the only way he should have gone. That was his whole thing in season 2 [with the Fellowship of the Sun], so it was a nice twist of irony at the end.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

But back to that gift! McMillian revealed that Alexander gave him “...  a very personal sendoff in the gag reel, which nobody but cast and crew saw. It was somewhat inappropriate and somewhat hilarious, but beyond that I really can’t describe it too much.” The multi-talented actor also added, “There was a little skin involved.”

Oh, come on, Michael! Don’t leave us hanging. Won’t you share that gag reel with us, pretty please?!

Source: EW