Credit: © 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved Photo: Ryan Kwanten at Warner Bros. Booth at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con

Well, Truebies, we bet you’re happy that True Blood already has  Season 7 planned, since this season’s finale was cliffhanger city! Is Eric Northman dead? Is Tara’s mom infected with Hep V? Will Alcide and Bill be able to keep those vamps off Sookie? What will Mayor Sam’s half-shifter baby look like? And where the hell is Pam?!

Season 7’s Summer 2014 start date is so far away, but hopefully we’ll get some insight into what’s happening before then from True Blood’s cast … the ones that are left, anyway.

Speaking of cast members that were still alive when we last saw them, Rwan Kwanten gave us a peek by tweeting this blood-filled teaser art last night, saying, “#TrueBlood s7 is on its way.”

Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: True Blood Season 7 Art

Look at those blood drips! That’s gotta be an indication of what’s to come, right?

We’re not exactly sure where this teaser art came from (it looks like it could be fan-made) but with that band of infected vamps approaching the humans, we’re expecting to see more blood than the great Vampire Authority massacre of ‘13 …

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Source: Ryan Kwanten’s Twitter