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Time to add another celebrity to the “expecting” list! Scandal star Scott Foley’s wife, Marika Dominczyk, is officially pregnant!

Marika, an actress, and Scott married in 2007, and already have two children together  — two-year-old Keller and four-year-old Malina — and now, they’re making room for a third.

On July 15, Scott made the news public on Twitter when he shared a photo of Malika holding out a giant frying pan while the couple was out shopping. “My pregnant wife thought I might want this for my birthday,” Scott wrote. “I’m not the one with the bizarre cravings.”

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An industrial-sized frying pan is a totally reasonable request, Scott. If the lady making the babies wants some giant scrambled eggs, you better make her some giant scrambled eggs!

Meanwhile, Malika shared the happy news herself on her own Twitter just a day earlier. She posted a beautiful photo of herself standing in a field, with a donkey… and a noticeable baby bump.

“Sometimes you just gotta chill with your donkey,” the 34-year-old Poland native wrote. “And your baby bump!”

Congrats, Scott and Marika! We expect tons of baby pics after your little one arrives, so keep ‘em coming!


Credit: NDN Photo: Scandal Star's Funny Baby Announcement (VIDEO)