Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images Photo: Grizz Chapman

We love when celebrities dish on their pop-culture fixations. For example, when we caught up with Grizz Chapman at the Here Comes the Boom premiere in New York City on Oct. 9, 2012, we found out that he’s a major Truebie.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What TV shows are you watching this fall?
Grizz Chapman: Oh man, there’s so much stuff! I’ve been catching up on some old stuff: Shameless, Breaking Bad. I’m waiting for The Walking Dead. I’m a big nerd at heart, so I love a lot of that quirky stuff!

Did you watch any shows like Buffy, Firefly, that stuff?
I do watch True Blood. I’m a True Blood fan — definitely a big fan of True Blood.

Are you caught up on it?
Shh! No, I am not. I’m actually at the end of the fourth season.

Are you a Sookie/Eric person or a Sookie/Bill?
Well, Bill, he kind of changed on me. He got a little evil. So now that’s coming out, I don’t really like him anymore. And the Eric thing is cool. It’s cool. It’s growing on me, it’s growing on me.

What about Alcide, the werewolf? Is that more your style?
I just wish he would get rid of that chick that he’s with [Debbie Pelt] because she’s bad news!

You’re going to like Season 5!
But if I could pick anyone, I would put Sookie and the werewolf guy together.

Do you have any favorite characters on the show?
My favorite character on the show … I would probably do the shifters! I like the shifters!

You’ve seen Luna, Sam’s girlfriend, right?
Yeah. I like her a lot.

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