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Forget Eric and Sookie, and Bill and Sookie. Count us on Team Eric and Bill!

And season 5 of True Blood, which premieres June 10, will feature a blossoming bromance between the two hunky vampires. 

"“I think it’s weird for Eric in the beginning, because he doesn’t really like Bill that much," Alexander Skarsgard explained to Access Hollywood at the Season 5 Premiere Party.

"He doesn’t hate him, but he doesn’t’ really care much about him, so it’s weird that he’s suddenly cares about this guy, like, ‘What?’”

Bill and Eric are forced to team up and hit the road after they land in hot water for killing Nan Flanagan. The Authority is after them, which forces them to bond.

"It’s been a lot of fun doing that because there’s kind of been like four years of us butting heads, fighting over Sookie and [Stephen Moyer] is one of my best friends, so it’s fun to actually get to have fun together … and to do something different and something new.”

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