Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Eric Behind The Bar in Episode 4.01: "She's Not There"

‘Sup, Truebies! The True Blood’s Season 4 premiere is FINALLY here and to celebreate, we held a battle to crown the show's sexiest star.

We rounded up True Blood’s most smokin’ supes and organized them into two groups — Team Drool and Team Swoon. Characters on each team went up against each other in an epic battle for sexiness, until one of them was officially crowned “Sexiest True Blood Character!”

So, which Truebie totally dominated? Drumroll, please....


He beat all the odds (well, not really) and worked his way to the top with his sexy swagger and biting sarcasm. That body didn’t hurt either.

Congratulations, Eric. Winning Battle of the True Blood hotties is almost as good as winning an Oscar.