Credit: Jeff Ridel/HBO Photo: True Blood Season 3 Promo

‘Sup, Truebies! We’re in the quarterfinals of our battle to crown True Blood’s sexiest star!

Here’s the deal: We’ve rounded up True Blood’s most smokin’ supes and organized them into two groups — Team Drool and Team Swoon. Characters on each team have gone up against each other in an epic battle for sexiness, and now eight people remain. The final contenders will duke it out until one of them is crowned “Sexiest True Blood Character!”

Check out who is left to battle it out in Team Drool and Team Swoon!


Eric vs. Jason (vote here) / Jessica vs. Terry


Sam vs. Sookie (vote here)  / Pam vs. Sophie Ann

Team Drool, Quarterfinals: Jessica vs. Terry

Credit: HBO Photo: Jessica vs. Terry, Battle of the True Blood Hotties

OK, we admit it. Jessica kind of has Terry beat here — but you might be surprised. After all, the dude did end up in the quarterfinals, so he must be doing something right. When he’s not partaking in local orgies and being all stressed n’ junk, Terry is pretty adorable. We’d let him raise our evil baby any day, but Jessica might have him beat when it comes to good looks. The final vote it up to you!

Team Swoon, Quarterfinals: Pam vs. Sophie Ann

Credit: HBO Photo: Pam vs. Sophie-Ann: Battle of the True Blood Hotties

Pam and Sophie Ann are more alike than you might think. They both love fashion, they’re super sarcastic and, oh — they love themselves some lady-on-lady blood sucking. Pam and Sophie Ann both have killer bodies, but Pam prefers leather corsets and the occasional whip, and Sophie dresses like Grace Kelly but with more blood splattered evening gowns.

Sigh, we just wish these two would hook up already.