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The town of Bon Temps on True Blood is overrun with vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, witches, fairies, and who knows what else. It might seem like there are no regular humans left anymore, but we can count on one very normal (if often ditzy) flesh-and-blood being: Arlene Fowler.

And it looks like she'll stay that way for a while, according to Carrie Preston.

"I keep pitching to Alan Ball the idea of making Arlene some kind of supernatural, but to no avail," she tells My Fanbase.

"I think they need someone to hold down the human fort. And Arlene is the woman for the job, I think."

Well, as long as Arlene keeps dropping such funny lines, we don't care what she is!

As for what to expect from the flame-haired waitress in Season 5, she says that the "demon baby" storyline from last year is over. 

"This season focuses more on Arlene and Terry than on the baby," she teas.

"We have not seen the last of Patrick, the mysterious figure from Terry's past that came into their lives at the end of season 4."

Source: My Fanbase

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