Credit: HBO Photo: Eric and Sookie Kiss!

Eric’s become so adorable in the past few weeks, we can’t even process it anymore. It’s like he’s taken being cute to a whole new level. The time has come to document his most “awwww!” inducing moments from Episode 4.5, “Me And The Devil.”

1. Eric cries on Sookie’s bed. At this point, Eric cries freely and doesn’t even pretend to be having an allergy attack or “the bleeds.” As his bloody tears flowed, Eric rested his head on Sookie’s lap and recounted his troubling nightmare, while he gazed lovingly up into her eyes and curled himself into the fetal position. Le sigh.

2. Eric pulls Sookie’s arm around his stomach. It was adorable enough when Eric asked Sookie if he could spend the night in her bed so he wouldn’t be scared, but when he pulled her arm around him so he could be the little spoon in their cuddle session, we just couldn’t take it anymore. Eric is one more spontaneous sob fest away from looking into Sookie’s eyes and singing an acapella version of “Truly, Madly, Deeply.”

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Eric and Sookie Hug in 4.05

3. Eric tells Sookie he’ll never hurt her. Of course, Eric already drained Sookie’s fairy blood pre-amnesia, but a little thing like that doesn’t count! At this point, Eric’s so steadfast in his mission to keep Sookie safe that he’d probably commit vampire suicide if she so much as stubbed her toe.

4. Eric wanders outside to mope. The thought of harming Sookie affects Eric so much that he has to have private emo time in the front yard. He wanders sheepishly outside, dragging his feet along the way, and probably composes a future journal entry right there on the spot.

5. Eric and Sookie kiss. Sookie and Eric are both good kissers, but our eyes were on Eric the whole time. His face was that of pure love and adoration. Time to break up with your boyfriends/girlfriends — after all, what’s the point of dating when you can’t make out with a Viking?