When we compared True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard to The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman, we never thought their “twin” rivalry would cross over into real life.

However, Life & Style reports that A. Skars was snuggling up to The Newsroom’s Olivia Munn at an HBO party, which we would be OK with if Joel wasn’t dating her already!

There are two potential explanations for Alex and Olivia being “very intimate and inseparable the whole night”: Either the Swedish babes were mixed up (either in the story or by Olivia) or, wait for it … they’re just friends!

Since Alexander and Joel are pals in real life, it makes sense that the vamp “kept cracking jokes, and Olivia couldn’t stop laughing” — that’s appropriate, friendly behavior!

And maybe there was a Parent Trap-style switcheroo. Or maybe Freaky Friday. Or maybe another Lindsay Lohan movie. The possibilities are endless!

We doubt that A. Skars would try to hook up with his friend’s girl, but what do you think? Weigh in below!

Source: Life & Style

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