Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Sookie Gives an Indecent Proposal in Episode 4.09, "Let's Get Out of Here"

Now that Season 4 of True Blood has come to a bloody end, we can start thinking about how it compares to seasons of the past. Did it live up to your high expectations or were you disappointed? Sure, Sookie and Eric got together, but what about her much anticipated hook-up with Alcide? It’s like: C’mon Sookie, get your boyfriend act together.

Check out our Season 4 pro and con list!


1. It was the sexiest season yet!
2. Eric and Sookie finally consummated it … all over the place.
3. There was plenty blood, guts, and gore! (Eric drinking that heart still haunts us!)
4. We got to know the dangerous side of Baby Vamp.
5. Hard Hearted Hannah (aka King Bill) finally manned up!  


1. There were too many ancillary plotlines.
2. Tara (RIP) sat around complaining all season, and didn’t even get her girl-on-girl on.
3. Alan Ball broke Sookie and Eric up!
4. There are a lot of loose ends (Werepanthers? Fairies? The Authority?)
5. Hoyt and Jessica are over!

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