Vampires are the rage on TV these days, with both True Blood and The Vampire Diaries reeling in viewers with fangtastic storytelling.

But these two shows have some differences in their vampire lore, one of which is the existence of hybrids.

Vampire Diaries introduced the idea of hybrids with the character Klaus, one of the original vampires who was also a werewolf. For centuries, a spell had prevented him from tapping into his werewolf nature, but he broke the curse. Now, he can even breed new hybrids, who have all the (killer) qualities of vampires and werewolves.

True Blood has yet to explore the possibility of vampire/werewolf hybrids, though other hybrids seem possible (Luna's daughter is half-shifter, half-werewolf). 

It could be interesting to see what would happen if Alcide ever hooked up with, say, Jessica

Are you intrigued by the idea? Would you like to see wolfy vamps on True Blood?

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