Credit: Men's Journal Photo: Alexander Skarsgard Men's Journal Cover

True Blood miight be over, but the spotlight is shining brighter than ever on Alexander Skarsgard!

His new flicks Straw Dogs and Melancholia are getting rave reviews, and he’s landed the cover of the October issue of Men’s Journal!

“Of course it’s flattering,” ASkars says about the attention he gets. “I mean, God, I’m human. But you have to be able to laugh at yourself.”

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Sounds like this Viking King is quite the jokester! “I was surprised at how goofy he was,” says Alex’s Melancholia co-star Kristen Dunst.

“Almost like a puppy in a body that’s too big for him. All these girls are like, ‘Oh my god, he’s so hot.’ But he’s really such a goof.”

We want to believe Kiki but then Alexander goes and says things like this about his time in the Navy: “I could have, like, backpacked around Asia. But I wanted a challenge. Usually we’d be out for two weeks, just me and my men. We’d come at night in speedboats, with our dry suits and our weapons, and, under the cover of darkness, swim onto the island. Then we’d camp out somewhere, dig a hole in the dirt, and take pictures and notes.”

Backpacking around Asia? Child’s play. Real men dig holes in the dirt.

Source: Men's Journal