Credit: HBO

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What happened to you, Eric? Last time we checked, this vamp was a studly Swedish sex lord with bleached blonde hair and a love for leather chaps. He played by his own rules, had a man crush on a Jesus-lookalike named Godic, and spent undue amounts of time in his sex chamber. It was all so beautiful!

Now Eric appears to be a full-blown Sanguinista thanks to Lilith clawing Godric's ghosty throat out — but are we really supposed to believe that he'd abandon all of his principles and turn into a faerie-thirsty bible thumper? (Not to be confused with "bible humper" — that's a term we reserve for Bill's sexy-time with Salome.)

We have a feeling that Eric has a plan up his leather sleeves, and it's even possible that Nora's involved. Sure, she's just as Sanguinista-happy as the rest of them, but did you see her face as Godric verbally vamp-slapped her? Poor thing looked like she was having major doubts.

Do you think Eric has been converted by Bill, or is there more to this story than meets the eye? Weigh in below!