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It’s pretty obvious that Joe Manganiello is comfortable with his smoking hot body.

When he’s not showing off his rippling pectorals as Alcide on True Blood, he’s playing the male stripper “Big Dick Richie” in the movie Magic Mike (in theaters June 29).

Though one character is a werewolf and the other a male dancer, he says that the two roles go hand-in-hand.

“I will say that Magic Mike was a good preparation for my season this year on True Blood,” Joe said with a smile. “I think that Magic Mike took the True Blood to the next level.”

What?! We didn’t know there could be a next level!  

True Blood you’ve seen everything but one thing,” he said. “Magic Mike goes a little further.”

We’ll pause while you rush to pre-order your movie tickets.

The interview also shows Joe chowing down on some tasty chicken and waffles and even giving lessons on some basic stripping moves! What a lucky reporter!

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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