Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Tommy Mickens in Episode 4.02, "You Smell Like Dinner"

Marshall Allman (Tommy) didn’t know if Tommy would live or die after Sam shot him last season — and it left him an emotional wreck.

“I was having a conversation with [director] Greg at some point,” he tells the Chicago Tribune. “We were just shooting the sh** and he says, ‘Yeah, yeah, you know you get shot in the last episode, right?’ I said, ‘No.’ He goes, ‘We don't know if you live or die; we don't know. But it's True Blood. I was like, ‘OK, cool man, have a good day. I'll see you later.’ And then I went to my trailer and cried.”

Don’t worry, though — True Blood has won back his shattered trust. “[Every] storyline this season, when I was [first] reading them, I was going, ‘I don't know how this is going to play!’ I was a little bit doubtful. They've completely won me over. I have no doubt that the fans are going to feel this way.”

We better, Marshall. Otherwise we’re going to go to your trailer and cry.

So what else is in store for Sam’s bratty brother? Will he finally get a shot with his dream vamp Jessica? “Tommy hopes so.”

We don’t! That trailer-crying isn’t looking any less likely. But Marshall does promise that Sam and Tommy will keep struggling toward brotherly love.

“I think if I could impress on anybody, I would just say that I think they both genuinely want to be brothers. And they want it to work, despite themselves,” he explains. “Tommy doesn't understand why Sam practices the restraint he does, or draws the boundaries he does, because he's never understood what being healthy is. And Sam's not going to sit there and teach him. How does one learn how to have a healthy relationship when you've never had one? It's tragic; it's just tragic.”

Source: Chicago Tribune