Credit: HBO Photo: Hoyt and Summer

All the True Blood boys love Melissa Rauch (Summer)’s biscuits. Her actual biscuits, that is. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Melissa gave an interview to the Inside True Blood Blog that ended up being mostly about said biscuits, which she’s quite proud of. The biscuits even answered a few questions themselves.

“Ryan was a great sport as he had to eat a ton of me, but I know he loved it. Jim had one of me after we were done shooting, and I can tell he was really impressed,” quoth the biscuits. “I'm not surprised... I'm delicious."

We believe Melissa and all, but we’d feel weird about eating a talking biscuit.

So will Summer and her biscuits be back? She’s probably pretty busy starring in The Big Bang Theory, but she hopes so. “I would absolutely love it!” she said. The biscuits did not comment.

Source: Inside True Blood Blog