Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Sam & Luna Get Close in Episode 4.04, "I'm Alive and On Fire"

Check out the soundtrack to True Blood season 4, episode 4, “I’m Alive And On Fire” and download the linked songs to your itunes! Now you can rock out to vaguely creepy music on your drive to work, during your morning jog (if you’re one of those types), or while you’re falling to sleep at night. Fight on, mates!

1. “Calling The Shots” by Misisipi Mike Wolf
Sam blasts this song in his truck.

2. “Do You Remember” by La Luna
Sam visits Luna and offers to play Barbie with her daughter, Emma.

3. “Butt Me Buster” by Helmut Reinhardt
Bill visits Portia and Andy’s grandmother, Caroline.

4. “Tighten Up” by The Watson Twins
Alcide comes home to were-bang Debbie.

5. “Moonlight Remembers” by APM
Bill and Portia chat at the Bellefleurs.

6. “Twintin’ Wing” by Helen Henderson
Hoyt and Jessica drive by and rescue Jason.

7. “I’m Alive and On Fire” by Danko Jones
End credits

Source: HBO