Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Eric and Sookie Hug in 4.05

Eric and Sookie shippers are in for a treat! True Blood’s most sexually frustrated couple finally give in to their lust for blood and hook up in season 4, episode 5: “Me and the Devil,” and believe us, it is H. O. T! Check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s recap for the scoop on this unforgettable smooch.

Fairy Frenching

It’s just a typical night in Bon Temps: Eric’s half naked, peering at Sookie while she’s asleep, when suddenly Godric shows up out of nowhere, all, “Oh, hey ya’ll, I’m back from the dead!” and forces him to drink from Sookie’s neck. Good times! Too bad it’s just another one of Eric’s dirty dreams.

When Eric wakes up from his nightmare, he wanders into his mom’s Sookie’s room and proceeds to curl up into the fetal position on her bed and cry while she stroke his hair — which of course leads to a full-blown spooning session (he’s the little spoon) and a G-rated sleepover. Swoon, when will these two just get over themselves and fangbang? Sooner than you think.

The next day at Merlotte’s, Sookie listens in on Holly’s thoughts and learns that Marnie cast the amnesia spell on Eric. She heads over to The Moon Goddess Emporium, where Marnie channels Sookie’s gran, who tells Sook not to give Eric her heart and warns her to GTFO of Marnie’s emporium. Good call.

Meanwhile, Tara chats with her girlfriend, Naomi, who’s figured out that Tara’s been lying about her identity. Tara visits Sookie for some relationship advice, but their girl-talk is ruined when Eric emerges from his cubby, much to Tara’s displeasure. After trying to stake Eric with a firewood poker, Tara recounts all the terrible things he’s done to Sook, gives them both a big ‘ol “eff you” and runs out the door. Of course, Eric get all wistful and sad. Again.

And then, Truebies, the unreal happens. Sookie feels so bad for Eric (who’s forlornly wandered outside to ponder his evil ways) that she wraps him in a big bear hug and passionately kisses him on her front porch, while the most triumphant music ever plays in the background. We’re drowning in tears of happiness!

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Eric and Sookie Kiss in 4.05

Adios, Amigos!

Lafayette and Jesus fear they’re on Pam and Eric’s bad side, so they head to Mexico to meet up with Jesus’ brujo grandfather in the hopes that he’ll help them tap into their powers. Sounds great and all, but Grandpa Jay-zus isn’t exactly sane in the membrane.

In a flashback to Jesus’ childhood, we learn that his gramps gave him a goat as a birthday present (every little boy’s dream come true!), and then promptly forced him to kill it and lick its blood. Uh, best gift ever? Lafayette’s hesitant about hopping on board the brujo express, but he manages to curl his fro-hawk, slip on his best tank top and drive to Mexico, where Jesus’ grandpa is all, “I’ve been expecting you.” Watch out, goats.

Over at Joe Lee and Melinda’s trailer, Tommy gives his parents a taste of their own medicine ... by killing them. Ooops. Tommy’s filled with remorse, so he heads to Sam’s house and they drive their parents bodies to the river. Unfortunately, a blazed-up Andy follows them and forces Sam to open up the back of the truck where Tommy’s hiding with the remains. Just when we’re certain that Andy is going to be Tommy’s next victim, Tommy turns into an alligator and scares him away. Being a shifter has its perks!

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Sam and Tommy dumping their parents bodies in 4.05

Tommy and Sam dump Joe Lee and Melinda in the river, sprinkle a few marshmallows over them (for good measure), and watch as they’re devoured by alligators. As Tommy cries, Sam tries to make him feel better by revealing that he, too, is a murderer. Well at least they have something in common.

Burning Man

Arlene’s convinced that the ghost of Rene is haunting her, so Terry hires Reverend Daniels and his wife (aka Tara’s mom) to get rid of Rene’s spirit with some chanting, a few songs, and plenty of sage smoke. It seems to do the trick — until a book of matches erupts into flame for no apparent reason right after Arlene and Terry do the dirty. Someone is not down with these two getting down.

Meanwhile, Jason realizes that all his problems are the result of too much sex, and decides he should cut down on the bedroom action. Though, judging from the erotic fan(g)tasies he’s having about Jessica, Jason might not give up on his favorite hobby anytime soon. Whatever, Ghost Daddy. It’s all fun and games until your best friend Hoyt shows up in your dream and you end up in a threesome.

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Jason in bed with Jessica in 4.05

Over in Shreveport, Alcide gets a visit from a pack-master whom we suspect is Luna’s baby daddy. He wants Alcide to register with the local weres, but Alcide doesn’t seem overly eager to do so. By the way, during this entire exchange, Alcide’s wearing a tight, white tank top. Giff, anyone?

The Inquisition

There’s more drama up in Bill’s palace than on an after school special. First, Portia (who seems to have no problem banging her gramps) tries to convince Bill that incest is what all the cool kids are doing, so he has to glamour her into screaming whenever she sees him, and then Pam visits Bill to get permission to “torture and kill” Marnie as payback for ruining her face. Sigh, being a king is rough.

Meanwhile, Bill’s sexy security member, Katerina, shows up at Marnie’s, witch-naps her, and sticks her in a cell, where she immediately gets transported back to the 16th century and witnesses Antonia and her coven get attacked by a bunch of vampires. So that’s why Antonia hates blood suckers so much.

Once Marnie returns from her vaycay to the Spanish Inquisition, Bill video-interrogates her and she claims that she has no idea how to reverse the spell on Pam.

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Bill interrogates Marnie in 4.05

At a loss, Bill holds a meeting with the rest of the vampire sheriffs in Louisiana to discuss the witch invasion, and some vamp named Luis gives everyone the lowdown on Antonia. Here’s the deal: Apparently, Antonia didn’t exactly take to being burned at the stake, so she used a necromancing spell to drag all the vampire priests in the region into the daylight so they’d shrivel up and die. Yes, we said vampire priests. Church just won’t be the same this Sunday, will it?

Bill refuses to let the local vampires take violent action, and in her frustration, Pam accidentally lets the news slip that Eric’s shacking up at Sookie’s. Bill storms off in a rage, presumably to Sookie’s house, but we have a feeling he’s not going to like what he finds there — unless his idea of a good night is watching the love of his life bang another man’s fang.

Tune in next Sunday to an all-new True Blood to find out if Bill will join in on Eric and Sookie rendez-do!

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