After weeks of blood swapping and snow sex, Eric Northman finally ditched Jason's smelly blue hoodie and got his memory back.

We're happy for him, we really are, but we're already missing that sweet, gentle vampire who crawled in bed and small-spooned Sookie after a having a bad dream.

Ah well, at least we'll always have the memories …  well, unless we come across Marntonia, in which case these pictures will surely come in handy.

5. Eric Eats Sookie's Fairy Godmother

Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Eats Sookie's Fairy Godmother

When Eric looked up at Sookie and said "sorry" with that adorable smirk and glazed-over look in his eye, we couldn't help but wish we had a fairy godmother to offer up for dessert.

4. Eric Gets Aroused

Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Gets Aroused

Eric couldn't have looked any more shocked when his fangs popped out ready for action in Sookie's presence. Apparently, having amnesia erases your ability to remember what happens when you get turned on.

3. Eric Takes a Dip

Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Takes a Dip

Who doesn't love to get drunk and go for a swim? High on fairy blood, amnesia Eric found the local watering hole and begged Sookie, his gator-fearing sea goddess, to come play. Oh, Sookie, why are you such a priss?

2. Eric Spoons Sookie, Gets Sheets Bloody

Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Spoons Sookie, Gets Sheets Bloody

We didn't know that vampires could dream until Eric encountered an evil Godric who forced him to drain his beloved. Shaken up, Eric crawled into Sookie's bed, pulled her arm across his chest, and cried tears of blood until the sun came up.

1. Eric Puts Sookie's Happiness First

Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Puts Sookie's Happiness First

Is there anything more selfless and romantic than a memory-less Viking vampire spilling his most intimate feelings to the Vampire King while awaiting the true death? Bill had no choice but to let Eric run back into the arms of his half-fairy princess so they could make passionate love on the forest floor. Sigh …