True Blood's Jason Stackhouse has got a killer six-pack, but he's not the brightest bulb in Bon Temps. Still, Ryan Kwanten thinks of Jason as more innocent than stupid.

"A lot of people miscategorize him, they say he's dumb. I more like to approach him as innocent," he tells In the Spotlight.

"I tend to overanalyze far too much, where as he just jumps off that cliff without even asking the question."

As long as he's jumping off that cliff without a shirt on, that's fine by us!

Ryan also gave a little preview for the new season, which he calls "by far our most controversial." 

"It's pushing the boundaries even more," he teases. "There's a whole host of new characters and supernatural beings."

Watch Ryan talk about Season 5 and his upcoming movie, 7500, in the rest of the interview!

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