Credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images Photo: Ryan Kwanten, Season 4 Premiere

Goodness gracious! It appears that Ryan Kwanten (Jason) has gotten so used to True Blood’s nudity-rich environment that he forgets to keep his clothes on when he’s not on set. Yep, Jason’s joined the illustrious ranks of celebs whose alleged nude photos have found their way online.

You can find Ryan in all his glory here. It is, of course, as not safe for work as you can get. If you don’t want to get a look at Ryan Jr., we’ll summarize: shirt pulled up, pants partway down, slight rightward tilt.

So is it really him? Honestly, it seems unlikely. For one thing, it’s pretty out of focus — could easily be photoshopped. For another, he doesn’t appear to have taken the picture himself, which is usually the way these things go? Yeah? We don’t know. This picture exists. Do with that what you will.

Source: Rantsthoughtsmerde