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If you haven't already read the erotic "mommy porn" known as Fifty Shades Of Grey (stop lying to yourself), you're missing out on a world of pleasure and pain —literally!

This fan-fiction inspired novel is jumping off the shelves, and now that Universal Studios has acquired the movie rights, it's only a matter of time before Fifty Shades comes to the big screen.

The book (read: Great American Novel) is about it's about Anastasia Steele, an innocent virgin who enters into a contractual S&M agreement with her crush, Christian Grey.

We've already written about why True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard would be a great fit for Mr. Grey, but his co-star Deborah Ann Woll is even more perfect for the part of Anastasia!

Think about it — Deborah's a pro at playing good girls gone bad, and she's had plenty of experience with nude scenes thanks to her Halloween fantasy sex with Jason Stackhouse.

Plus, Deborah has yet to make her big screen debut, and this role could catapult her career!

Do you think Deborah would rock her socks off in Christian Grey's Red Room Of Pain, or is she all wrong for the part?

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