When we think of Fifty Shades of Grey, there’s only one True Blood  actor who comes to mind: Alexander Skarsgard. But surprisingly, he’s not the only one talking about the steamy novel.

“A vampire also treats you with old-fashioned manners, while at any point he could overwhelm you and rip your life away,” Stephen Moyer told Mr. Porter. There's something very sexually exciting about that. Look at Fifty Shades of Grey."

While Fifty Shades doesn’t feature vampires, the original fanfic that inspired the trilogy was about Twilight, so it makes sense. And for Stephen, True Blood is as much about romance and power as the BDSM novel.

"It's about romance and power and fantasy," he said. "Vampires have a sort of brooding presence that goes back to Gothic literature. There's often a dark, enigmatic man involved, such as Mr Rochester or Heathcliff.”

Well, Stephen’s character, Bill Compton, is the darkest vampire we know! Although he isn’t currently brooding over Sookie Stackhouse — as Billith, love is the last thing on his mind — he does fit the bill of an old school Gothic vamp.

Do you agree with Stephen’s Fifty Shades opinion? Tell us below!

Source: Mr. Porter

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