Credit: Valpo NNEWs/WENN Photo: Stephen Moyer, Lilac Moyer, and Anna Paquin Shop in Venice on December 4, 2011

True Blood may be a family affair for Stephen Moyer, with his wife Anna Paquin also starring on the show. But it doesn't extend to his kids, Billy, 11, and Lilac, 9.

"Neither of my kids have seen True Blood," he tells the UK's Total TV Guide. Not surprising, given their ages. But they do know a little big about what dad does.

"Lilac can tell you the whole plot — minus the blood, sex, and swearing," he notes. "You'll hear her saying, 'Daddy likes fairy blood!'"

Let's hope she gets a better explanation when she gets a little older!

Source: Total TV Guide via True Blood News

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