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Look, no one likes it when their friend explodes into a million pieces and ruins their country-chic kitchen. It's still no excuse for turning them into a vampire.

We know Sookie loves herself some pointy-toothed blood suckers, but not everyone in Bon Temps has a fetish for vamps — especially not Tara!

This sassy barmaid-turned-cagefighter has hated vampires ever since Franklin tied her to a toilet, and turning her into the thing she fears the most is just plain mean.

We know Sookie and Lafayette were just trying to prolong Tara's life (and you can't fault a hookah for trying), but was their course of action selfish? After all, no one forced Tara to take a bullet for Sookie — she chose to die!

Do you think our fairy princess and her witchy friend should have let their best gal rest in peace?


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