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We have mixed feelings about this new Terry Bellefleur plotline on True Blood. While we enjoy seeing a whole new side of Merlotte's PTSD-addled sous-chef, we're left scratching heads wondering what the heck is going on.

So far, we know that Terry and his war buddies accidentally killed a group of innocent civilians while tripping on a healthy dose of Jack Daniels and hallucinogens (V in pill form, possibly?). And now, Brian Eller — the man who opened fire on the unarmed Iraqis — is holding Terry and fellow squadmate Patrick Devins hostage in his creepy barn.

Obviously, all of this has something to do with the group's seemingly coincidental encounters with fire, but we're still in the dark about how it all ties together.

Is Terry a supernatural? Is Eller? Perhaps he's the "dragon" Michael McMillian teased on his Twitter page last week.

Either way, we want to know your thoughts on this new True Blood plotline. Is Terry Bellefleur turning up the heat, or is this a fire you'd prefer to see fizzle? 

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