Credit: Face Photo: Eric Looks Back Longing in True Blood Season 4

We have high expectations for a season full of hilarious True Blood doozies (we’re counting on you, Lafayette), and last night’s premier totally delivered! Check out the top 10 juiciest quotes and post your favorite on our True Blood Facebook page!

1. Eric stakes his territory: “Sookie. You. Are. Mine.”

It’s finally happening, fan(g) girls!

2. Eric makes our hearts melt: “Everyone who claims to love you, your friends your brother, even Bill Compton. They all gave up on your but I. Never. Did.”

Team Eric!

3. Jesus cheers Lafayette up: “They even got a beaded curtain!”

Jayzus knows his man so well.

4. Arlene worries about her kid: “Decapitating Barbie dolls? What the hell kinda baby does that?”

An evil one.

5. Arlene teaches her infant a valuable life lesson: “Mikey, momma loves you so so very much, but you have got to understand, killing is wrong.”

Sigh, babies these days.

Credit: Facebook Photo: Lafayette & Jesus Visit A Witch Coven in True Blood Season 4

6. Lafayette welcomes Sookie back to Bon Temps: “I’m gonna get my hug in before my gumbo burns.”

Oh, the South.

7. Jason warns Lafayette to keep his mouth shut: “I’m not saying something happened right now. But if something did happen, it didn’t happen.”

Hookah, please.

8. Pam shoots down Jessica’s date night with Hoyt: “The way you’re eye f**king fangbangers from across the room is especially romantic.”

We thought so too, Pam.

9. Jason brings food to Hotshot: “At least lemme put it on the stove, you’re gonna get sick if you eat raw meat!”

Random inbred child: “We ain’t never got sick before!”

All those effed up genes flowing through their veins make them immune to anything!

10. Marnie casts a resurrection spell: “Guardians of life, shadows of death we summon thee.”

Marnie might be chatting to her dead parrot, but were talking to you, Russell Edgington.