Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Bill's All Business in Episode 4.01, "She's Not There"

Sunday's episode of True Blood had some major OMFG, LOL and AYFKMWTS moments. We’re still trying to figure out what happened to Eric’s clothes after he left Marnie’s coven. Not that we’re complaining!

Wetpaint's rounded up the 5 biggest OMFG moments for you to look back on — the F stands for fang, of course. Wink, wink!

1. Bill’s crazy sex

Bill’s been living it up sans Sookie for an entire year, but we were still shocked to see him busting a move all over his sexy assistant. It was so great to see Bill back on top, in the most literal sense, of course. By the way, Willy: As far as we know, Katerina isn’t a vampire, which means her head cannot be twisted around in the heat of the moment. So don’t get any ideas.

2. RIP Sophie Ann!

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Vampire Queen Sophie -Anne in Season 3, Episode 1: "Bad Blood"

We love ourselves a good Tru Death — when else do you get to see a font of blood and guts explode all over the place in slow motion? It was devastating to see Sophie Ann bite the silver bullet, but her death was as epic as her life. Bill’s blood splattered face looked like a Jackson Pollock painting. She would have been proud.

By the way, is anyone else wondering where Sophie’s lover Hadley and her illegitimate fairy child are?

3. 1980s punk Bill

Can’t. Even. Deal. The spiky hair, the earring, the leather jacket, the white washed dad jeans. We didn’t see his feet, but there’s no way Bill wasn’t wearing combat boots. If only he still had an excuse to rock black nail polish. You know he secretly gives himself manicures every night before praying to his Sookie alter.

4. Sookie’s fairy fam are back!

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Sookie Stackhouse in Episode 4.02: "You Smell Like Dinner"

Either Sookie’s having bat-crazy hallucinations, or her fairy friends have found a way through their lava filled portal. We almost jumped out of our fangs when those goblin people started running at Sook, but thankfully it was just Tara. Which was almost as scary. 

5. Jason gets eaten alive!

Credit: Doug Hyun/HBO Photo: Jason Stackhouse in Season 3, Episode 7: "Hitting The Ground"

A Jason + Crystal + Felton threesome would have been the hotness, but then people started getting naked for all the wrong reasons. Being eaten alive by a werepanther is so not as hot as making inbred babies.