Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Northman Skinny Dipping in Episode 4.04 Still

Episode 4.4 of True Blood was filled with so many OMG moments, we could barely pick out the top five for this list. Three words: Eric. Swimming. Naked.

After much indecision, we’ve rounded up the five biggest OMFG moments from “I’m Alive And On Fire” for you to look back on — the F stands for Fang, of course. Wink, wink!

1. Eric goes skinny dipping!

Be still our beating hearts. We didn’t think True Blood could up the ante in terms of Eric’s sex appeal, but oh how wrong we were. Who knew that a giant Viking shouting “GATORS!” in a shimmering pool of water could be what dreams are made of. We would trade places with Sookie any day of the week — unless we had to wear her clothes. In which case, never mind.

2. Alcide gets naked!

Credit: HBO Photo: Alcide Shirtless Episode 4.04 Still

Honestly, we don’t even know why we’re surprised anymore. We should be used to Alcide peeling off his flannel button-downs, but once again, he had our jaws dropping. After putting our team on the case and drooling analyzing the shots, we’ve officially discovered that Alcide is packing at least two muscles we didn’t even know were in the human body.

3. Pam’s face melts off!

Credit: HBO Photo: Pam's Face Melts Off Episode 4.04 Still

So far, this season of True Blood has been pretty mild when it comes to blood and guts. Sure, Jason’s six-pack has seen better days, but it’s nothing compared to what happened to Pam’s pretty face in “I’m Alive and On Fire.” It was bad enough that her skin started boiling, but did she really have to peel a chunk off and drop it on the ground? If only Timbo had been around — you know how he loves free food.

4. Bill is banging his granddaughter!

Credit: HBO Photo: Bill Compton and Caroline Bellefleur Episode 4.04 Still

Apparently sexing up your relatives is the new black. It’s totally swag! How else do you explain the fact that almost every relationship in True Blood is worthy of its own reality-TV show? Sookie and Jason need to hook up — otherwise they’re never going to fit in with the rest of the Bon Temps cool kids.

5. Arlene’s baby is hooked on phonics!

Credit: HBO Photo: Arlene's Baby Mikey Episode 4.04 Still

You guys, Arlene’s baby is so advanced. Clearly she’s been using those “My Baby Can Read” books — how else do you explain Mikey’s sudden mastery of the English language? Sure, his handwriting could be better, and technically it’s “Baby IS not yours” not “Baby not yours” ... but give the kid a break, he’s only 6 months old.